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This year, at Geneva Auto Show, Alfa Romeo finally showed the production version of the 8C Spider. The new Alfa Romeo car is truly beautiful, powerful and rock solid, where its gracious lines and dimensions gel perfectly with typical Alfa Romeo engineering and drive-ability. Only a limited run of 500 will be made of these V8 machines – most of which are going to important markets like the USA, Italy, Germany and Japan – but could increase if there’s sufficient demand.

Alfa Romeo 8C SpiderThe distinctive feature of the 8C Spider is its fold-away dual layer weatherproof roof that is controlled from a dashboard-mounted button inside the car’s carbon fibre cockpit and can be personalized in different colors. The 8C Spider is aero-dynamically similar to the coupe with all the surfaces and profiles of the uprights and windows, together with the form and positioning of the rear-view mirrors, have been optimised using computer models and tests in wind tunnels and real-life environments.

Alfa Romeo 8C SpiderAt its heart is the respected Fiat Group family 4.7-litre V8 that makes 450 HP at 7000rpm and 480Nm of torque at 4,750rpm at 8C Competizione. This should give it a 0-100km time of about 4.2 seconds and a top speed of 290 km\h. Sporty as they come, 8C Spider makes use of a 6-speed self-shifter that can be operated via the fingers behind the steering wheel. Specially developed 20-inch tyres ensure grip at most times in conjunction with the VDC traction control system.Housed inside the 20-inch alloys are huge 380mm Brembo ceramic disc brakes on the front and 360mm on the rear.

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